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About My Work

I approach my work with honesty and directness. I prefer to work with oil paint because of the malleable nature of the medium, the mysterious way it changes as it dries and the jewel-like surface it creates. I focus on process over product, and balance the forces of realism and abstraction, pulling back from the edge when either mode becomes too dominant. I try to keep the paintings in a space that feels both real and imaginary, thoughtful yet filled with emotion.

Horses emerge in my paintings as a symbolic force of the natural world. In a time where technology often trumps physical communication, paintings relate visually in a solid place and time. In this work there is a correlation between the muscular movement of horses and my intensely physical painting practice. Both painting and horses require clear direction and provide immediate results. I often feel that I am taming a wild beast in order to get to the heart of a painting.